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DFTB+ version 21.2 released

A new version of DFTB+ is now available with support for the xTB methods. Due to the integration in DFTB+ most of the features available for the DFTB Hamiltonian can be readily used with the xTB Hamiltonians as well, including periodic calculations with k-point sampling, geometry optimizations, molecular dynamics and frequency calculations. Both GFN1-xTB and GFN2-xTB are available for the DFTB+ version 21.2 at the moment.

Furthermore, we integrated parts the battle-proven rational function optimizer from xtb --opt into DFTB+ to allow fast and robust geometry optimizations both for molecular and periodic systems. Preliminary tests show an order of magnitude improvements in the convergence compared with the previous default (c.f. dftbplus#862).

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